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     EMF Answers and Solutions was formed to help people navigate through the growing issues with EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), in our environment. The goal being to help you clearly understand the nature of the exposure and how to deal with the concerns it may cause. There are a growing number of EMF Consultants and you must select a company that can truly help you. EMF Answers and Solutions consultants have over 35 years of engineering experience

in the technology field with companies such as IBM and Hewitt Packard.  Our EMF consultants have been trained and certified by the EMF Experts program, AZ.


     We have a family member who has been seriously affected by Electrohypersensitivity, (EHS). Their symptoms started 10 years ago, before the public had knowledge of the potential implications of exposure to EMF. Over 20% of those afflicted with EHS also have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, (MCS). A recent scientific study published by the International Journal of Molecular Science, has concluded that EHS and MCS could in fact be two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder. Everyone must understand that we are all affected by this exposure, which accumulates with time. The limitation or removal of the exposure is essential for our long-term health.


EMF Answers and Solution purpose is to help people, through education, testing, and remediation, to better understand EMF Radiation in their home and work environment.  We feel that people have the right to make an informed decision regarding their level of exposure.

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