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     There is a lot of material written about the impacts or lack of affects EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) have in our environment. There are studies that show direct links to serious illness and other that do not have conclusive proof. The truth is 5-15% of the population of the world have serious health concerns with the current state of exposure. All of us have or will have affects over time.   The indication is that the longer the exposure, the more disruptive the radiation is to the natural electrical systems of the human body and those of all living things. Why would it be true that non-ionizing radiation could have these effects when we are regularly exposed to infrared and sun light that are at higher frequencies?  All life evolved on earth with regular exposure to certain frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, life here has adapted to those frequency levels over millions of years. In the case of non-ionizing radiation, these bandwidth frequencies are man-made and have not been here on earth for even 100 years and the intensity at current levels for only a couple decades. It is also important to note that the intensity is dramatically increasing.

     EMF Answers and Solutions provides EMF consultation services involving on-site assessments of homes, offices, and schools for levels of electromagnetic radiation . The results will yield exposure level assessments, source identification, and remediation objectives. A four hour minimum is required to follow our protocols for a typical home. The time determination depends on the size of the structure and situation. The parameters will be set when we discuss the scope and strategy of the assessment. 

     A phone consultation to discuss your concerns and potential issues regarding EMF at your home or business will be the first step. We will assess your situation, collecting information that will assist us in preparation for an onsite visit. We will discuss both external and internal potential of EMF exposure at your location. The scope and strategy of the assessment will be decided on and a time scheduled for the site evaluation.

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Site Inspection

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Testing & Evaluation

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Post Inspection

Once on-site we will discuss the different types of electromagnetic fields including their characteristics, origins, and testing methods. We will test for all three sources of EMF: radio frequency/microwave radiation, electrical fields, and magnetic fields. We will perform evaluations both with power on and power off. Then compare our test results to known safety levels. Sleeping areas are of most importance, we pay particular attention in those areas.

We will test the perimeter of the property first. Then we disable all wireless devices to identify any external sources such as neighbors or nearby cell towers. Then with power on, we will measure the level of radio frequency radiation and identify sources with levels of exposure from devices such as wifi routers, cordless phones, computers, and all other wireless devices. 

 We will evaluate the levels and sources of magnetic fields in and around your location. High magnetic fields within a residence or business, are often caused by wiring errors and appliances when in operation. External sources can be caused by nearby power lines or errors in wiring leading to your location.

We measure for elevated electric fields throughout the house. If the levels are not low enough to meet safety guidelines, we will recommend remediation methods. 

The levels of dirty electricity on the individual branch circuits at your location will be determined. Dirty electricity can be described as high frequency “noise” that is riding on the electrical circuits and radiating out into the room. The sources typically include electronics, lighting, dimmer switches, variable speed motors, solar systems and possibly the power grid.


Following the assessment, we will review findings and compare them to the Building Biology Precautionary Guidelines. We can immediately discuss potential quick action to reduce levels within your home or office, along with potential blocking and shielding options.  We will provide a detailed written report with comprehensive remediation plans within seven business days. If desired, we can return for a follow up evaluation after remediation is completed.

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